I'm a creator, first and foremost. At times, that spark of inspiration translates into a full-length script, other times it manifests into a film, or the stroke of a brush. My way of communicating with the world around me is via artistic expression. A marriage of intellectual-driven (Apollonian) and the instinctual-emotional (Dionysian). My banner is Apollonian Media.

Professionally, I've done it all from hard journalism,  documentary research, to indie film director-writer-producer.

I've discovered that we are all meaning-making machines, and stories are one of the most potent methods of transferring knowledge. As a medium, film correlates most closely to the mind in its REM stages of dream creation. Films are dreams made manifest, and a bridge between us. Empathy is evoked when we observe a character (through mirror neurons). This is how film functions to dissolve boundaries between us. To dissolve boundaries allows us to open communication with access to understanding.



2014 - 2016

New York University

Master of Fine Arts - Dramatic Writing

  • Character-driven Story

  • Psychological Drama

  • Interactive Immersive Theatre 

  • Politically & Socially Driven Themes

  • Science & Narrative Storytelling

  • Surrealism and non-naturalism


McGill University

B.A. - Literature & Political Science


Columbia University

Certificate - Television Writing

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